The Socks That Will Never Be Finished

Well, I have big news. This news is actually the motivation for starting this blog in the first place.

The Socks That Will Never Be Finished — are — FINISHED!


These socks took me forever. Even as the World’s Slowest Avid Knitter, they took a long time. December to August, to be precise. I didn’t realize how hard 8 stiches per inch, in a dark color would be. I couldn’t knit on them except in bright light, and when I wasn’t too tired. Coupled with fears of running out of yarn (unfounded, as it turns out), and having to do both toes twice because I made the foot too short, well, that explains the socks that took longer than it takes a woman to gestate a baby.

It’s a great feeling of accomplishment, to have them done. They are only my 4th pair of socks. I think they came out pretty good. I hope the recipient (it’s a surprize!) likes them.


Thanks to D.E. for modeling them.

It’s taken me so long to make them, that I forgot what yarn I used (Fortissima, maybe?). I bought it at Stitches East last September. I used a traveling rib pattern for the leg and top of the foot – a 4×2 rib, and every 4th row, I moved over one stitch. It makes a nice, stretchy, leg.


One Response to “The Socks That Will Never Be Finished”

  1. scrappylibrarian Says:

    I loooove the traveling rib pattern – I’ve never seen that before – very awesome.

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