Sock Wars #4 – Slow & Steady Wins the Race?

2 weeks into sock wars and I’m still alive – whoo hoo! Here’s my progress.



5 Responses to “Sock Wars #4 – Slow & Steady Wins the Race?”

  1. scrappylibrarian Says:

    i haven’t been back to the original page or read anything else other than from you about sock wars – have many people been eliminated? are some people on like their third pair? How is it going overall?

  2. Tasha Says:

    Sock looks great and I love the turtle companion 🙂 Knit well, slow and steady…

  3. moraie Says:

    go go go…i need you to kill vautrey! pls…. pretty pls……

    good luck!

  4. djinnj Says:

    Hi, not your vic or your assassin (well, not yet), and got here by devious routes. Just wanted to mention that you’ll likely need another ball of yarn if you only have 1. Most of us have been taking between 170-200yds of DK weight yarn to finish, which is a lot closer to 100g than 50g. We think there must be an error in YM’s figures, or that she worked ’em up much more loosely at something approaching a sport weight.

  5. Test Says:

    Hi all!


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