The Most Fun You Can Have While Knitting

random-hat-1.jpgWell, that might be a slight exaggeration, but this hat was the most fun I’ve had knitting in a while.

I had 2 skeins of Berocco Chinchilla Bulky, one black and one charcoal, but each was only 41 yards. I didn’t feel like making horizontal stripes. I swatched a few 2-color patterns from a Barbara Walker treasury, but sometimes I couldn’t get gauge and other times I messed up the multi-row pattern. So, I just said “what the heck” and cast on 52 stitches (US size 11 needles) and knit with whatever color I felt like. I used the mosaic slip technique, so only 1 color was used per round, so there aren’t any floats (I didn’t dare waste ANY of this yarn).

Each set of 2 rounds repeats the same 4-stitch pattern, but no two sets are intentionally alike. No patterns to memorize, I’d just eyeball the hat so far and pick a (4-stitch) pattern for each pair of rounds as I got to them.

I’m really pleased with how this hat came out. It is just random enough, but not too random. It’s soft and warm. Because of the mosaic, it’s a bit tighter than the dark red hat, knit with the same needles and same yarn. That one was very floppy, this has a lot more body.

And, of course, thanks again to C., my model. The styling was all his idea. (Oh, and because the hat is all stockinette, the rim rolls up nicely in case the wearer want where he or she is going).


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