WIPs and UFOs

I have been putting my Works in Progress and Unfinished Objects on Ravelry. What a humbling experience – I have way more than I realized. Also, there are 4 things that are thiiiiiis close to being finished – just seaming, or blocking, that type of thing. I could probably have all 4 done in a day of knitting — not that there ever is a day of only knitting 🙂

I’m going to try to push to get them done. Of course, because I have a whole lot of new things kicking around in my head that I want to start. I have been looking at a lot of interesting scarf patterns. Plus I have been trying to start an aran-style cabled cardi for me since the summer.

Have been working on a jacket for my mom for winter. I wanted a quick knit, so I’m using Lion Wool-Ease Thick and Quick — but I overdid it. This yarn is huge. It’s like knitting with climbing rope (width-wise; it is very soft – acrylic and lamb’s wool. Machine washable was a necessity.). The fabric is about 3/4 of an inch thick. I hope she will be able to move her arms when she is wearing this. This would be a good yarn for a blanket or afghan, but I’m afraid it is too thick for a garment.

Here is the first few inches of the back:


I started it exactly 2 weeks ago – have finished the back and both fronts. That is record-breaking time for Turtleknits (gauge is 9 stitches in 4 inches). Will start the 2 sleeves later today.


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