Second Sock Syndrome

I have it baaaad.

These are my quasi-Jaywalkers. Knit toe-up using the Jaywalker pattern for the instep and leg, but using Yarmando’s “You’re Still Putting Me On,” again, for the sock itself. I love that pattern.

The small gauge is a good antidote to the jacket for my mom (US 2’s instead of the broomsticks size 13’s I’m using for the jacket), but the brown isn’t doing anything for me. There’s a nice color change from brown to brownish-green to brownish-red, but you don’t see that as you knit – it’s very subtle. I think they will be nice. But this second sock is going soooo slowly. Perhaps it’s time to try 2 socks on 2 circs for my next pair.

(Also, must rip out the bind-off for sock #1 and redo it. I wanted it to be loose but it’s too loose – about 20% tighter, I think, would be ideal.)

And, in case you noticed that the color striping of the 2 socks doesn’t match, that was the request of my beloved, the person who will be wearing these socks. I aim to please (especially when it’s less work for me, he he he).


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