Finished Bamboo Socks

I finished these about a month ago:
Mostly Crystal Palace Bamboozle, but I couldn’t buy the needed 3rd skein, so I used Berocco “Bonsai” for the toes and heels. Both are lovely yarns.

I made a bad choice of pattern for a sock with contrasting toes and heels, however. I used the same pattern I’ve been making for a while now, “You’re Still Putting Me On,” but with the color changes there were SO MANY ends to weave in — and bamboo is really, really slippery. They were a gift to my sweetie, and I told her not to worry if they unravel, it’s likely to happen. The report back is that they are very comfortable, and I’ve been asked to make more! A compliment a knitter (at least this knitter) loves to hear. But in a single colorway next time.


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