Progress on Brilloso Top

I started this top for Jill in March. I did a LARGE gauge swatch, but apparently not large enough, because my circumference was about a foot too big. I ripped about 8″ back and started over. After knitting about 10″ I put it into hibernation because I wasn’t sure even then about my math. Well, that plus all the other projects I was working on. I picked it up again about 3 weeks ago and now it’s coming along.

Here it is, almost up to where it splits for the armholes (it’s just a rectangle at this point):
I split it for the armholes and am now working on the left front only. It feels like it’s going much faster because there are only 1/4 as many stitches to work on.
Here it is, being modeled by Jill:
You can kind of see that the left front is higher than the back and right front.
This is Brilloso from Webs, in a 3X1 rib, on size 6 needles. I love this yarn, so I was surprised to look on Ravelry and see that there are only 5 other projects using it. I guess it doesn’t look as good on the cone as it does knitted up. I definitely like the 3×1 rib better than I did either garter or stockinette stitch — the one purl between the stockinette panels make the stockinette stitches stand out.

The pattern comes from the basic shape of the Manos “Double Time” top with a much smaller gauge.


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