In Love

I know, I know — I was going to be project monogamous to the Brilloso top. I was going to finish it before the fall equinox (since it is, after all, a summer top). But another project caught my eye, and now it is love.
I have wanted to knit with beads for a long time, but never found a project I wanted to make. Through Heather Ordover’s Craftlit I got sucked into Librivox, and there found a knitting-related book. It’s called Exercises in Knitting by Cornelia Mee, and I volunteered to make up one of the patterns. The pattern name is “Another Pretty Pattern for a Knitted Purse.”
I’ve had some fingering weight light green cotton in my stash for 3 years (bought to make a baby blanket, but I discovered I wasn’t up for a fingering-weight blanket). It is Crystal Palace Baby Georgia, 100% mercerized cotton.
My friend Tracy helped me pick out the perfect beads. She is to design and color what I am to napping. I hadn’t realized what a fabulous job she did until I started stringing the beads.
You can’t see it in this picture, but they are sparkley and full of greens and pinks and blues. I wanted to buy a truckload of these! (I’m settling for 2 vials at $2.75 each.)
On the next sunny day, I am going to try to get some really sparkley pictures, because looking at these crap pictures, I’m sure you are going to think that love is blind.
P.S. I am still knitting on Brilloso. Just not exclusively. 😉



2 Responses to “In Love”

  1. Sara Zoe Says:

    oh, it’s beautiful! love that pattern and the beads …

    Knitting from Librivox, eh? Haven’t tried audio-knitting instructions – hrmmmm

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