Baby Alive

Our church partners with a local elementary school to give holiday gifts to the children. The kids write their “wishes” on hand-drawn ornaments and we pick which one of the toys or gifts to get for them.

Spragoon picked the ornament this year (there’s a picture of it in the bottom photo). It was for a “Baby Alive” doll which he helped me shop for.
It turns out there are dozens of Baby Alive versions – this one sips from a bottle and naps.

I was surprised that there weren’t patterns all over the Internet for that particular doll. I only found one which didn’t fit into the time we had for the project (2 weeks). We made do without a pattern: I made a small blanket, a hat, and a poncho.
I also made a bright blue shawl that is folded under the doll’s arm.
(The poncho will fall down and not look like a weird Elizabethan collar as soon as the doll is taken out of the packaging.)


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