Comfortable Socks

I fixed the 90 degree-off toe, and these socks came out nicely:
They are a little too big for the model’s feet, but they will fit the recipient fine:
The top rib isn’t as stretchy as a regular 1×1 or 2×2 rib. Poor choice. I like the yarn choice, though. It is Berocco’s Comfort DK. Since Jill can’t tolerate wool, and cotton socks are too hard to knit, I think it’s the perfect solution. It’s a little splitty; I should have been more careful while knitting it, because when I had to rip back the toe, I noticed I’d knit only some of the strands sometimes.


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    […] US 3’s for the Comfort DK and that worked out much better than the 4’s I used for the Comfortable Socks. (The Comfortable Socks have stretched since they were knitted, and I think knitting at a tighter […]

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