Zip Socks

Flashback to 2008.

I made these socks for a Christmas present and they were finished on November 27th, but due to the vicisitudes of life (as my mom would say), I was only able to give them to their intended recipient a few days ago.
Just plain-old stockinette socks in Berocco Comfort DK, but I taught myself the tubular bind-off for this pair:
I like the edge. Less “ruffly” than I usually get by just doing a super-loose regular bind-off on a toe-up sock.

This time I used US 3’s for the Comfort DK and that worked out much better than the 4’s I used for the Comfortable Socks. (The Comfortable Socks have stretched since they were knitted, and I think knitting at a tighter gauge would have helped prevent that. Sock Knitting 101.)

I called these socks “Zip Socks” for 2 reasons. One is that I wanted to see if I could knit a pair of socks in 2 weeks, and I succeeded. Remember, these are plain stockinette in DK weight, so I won’t have to rename my blog anytime soon.


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