Turtleweaves: Warp Part 1

I have been weaving a bit, but my loom came pre-warped with a rather long warp, so I have never warped it. I decided at the end of last year that I needed to learn how to warp it. I bought the book in November, the yarn in December, then the project was OBE (Overcome By Events) and finally today I had time to begin. This post is picture heavy so my apologies if you are on dial-up.
Here’s the book, Learning to Weave by Deborah Chandler; I picked it because it was recommended by Syne Mitchell on her excellent podcast Weavecast:
Here is the wool, Halcyon Victorian (the green is a spruce green – not nearly as blue as in the photo):
Here is my assistant Adidas, setting up our “warping board” which consists of wood clamps on the dining room table:
I sat on one side of the table, while Adidas wound the warp around the clamps. We learned about making the “cross” and he was very careful that every round had a cross.
I’m in the foreground. When Adidas throws me the ball of yarn, I wrap it around my clamp and throw it back.
For this sampler (10″ wide, 12 ends per inch) we needed 60 white pieces of yarn:
We tied the cross in 5 places with scrap yarn:
Adidas cut the far end and tied it:
Here’s the warp. It was supposed to be 2 feet, but I was math challenged when I attached the clamps to the table, so it’s a little more than 1.5 feet. That’s OK, it’s a sampler. Notice the quantities of liquid refreshment we are consuming.
I chained the warp:
And then it was on to the green!
The green took about 1/3 the time of the natural, maybe less:
I guess we knew what we were doing the second time, at least a little bit.
My first two teeny tiny warps. I wanted to start the actually warping, but that will have to wait for another day.


One Response to “Turtleweaves: Warp Part 1”

  1. Knittah Says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to weave!

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