Turtleweaves Part 2, Sleying the Reed

The next step in warping the loom placing each individual warp thread through the slots in the reed, or sleying. IMG_7916
This reed has 8 slots per inch, but I want my sampler to be 12 ends per inch, so I alternated one and two threads per slot.
Since I’m going to have white and green stripes in the warp, I do groups of 12 separated by gaps where the green will go.
Then I did the green:
Here is the back of the reed.
That’s all for today.


2 Responses to “Turtleweaves Part 2, Sleying the Reed”

  1. Craftola Says:

    Oh my…I haven’t threaded a loom for 15 years….brought back nightmares… Hopefully, all will go well, no missed reeds and your weaving will be beautiful! Are you going to do a pattern weave or straight tabby?

  2. turtleknits Says:

    Nightmares! You’re scaring me off!

    Since my post I’ve threaded the headles (sp?) and did make 2 mistakes, but I was able to fix them.

    I am doing a sampler, tabby and twills.

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