Turtleweaves Part 6 – Done

Well, not done in the sense of finished – I still have to wet finish it – but the weaving is all done!
Here it is on the couch. The bottom part is the “sampler” part with different weaves and densities. After I while, I was loving the twill, so I just continued in that for the 2nd half of the strip.
Sampler on couch
Here it is on the camilla (photo shoot the same day I finished the previously-posted socks):
Sampler on bush
A close-up of the “sampler” part of the weave:
Sampler close up
And a close-up of the loose twill I did at the end:
Sampler close up, twill
And yet another shot, folded to only show the twill:


2 Responses to “Turtleweaves Part 6 – Done”

  1. Sara Zoe Says:

    this is sooo beautiful! Love the colors!

  2. turtleknits Says:

    Thank you!
    I picked the colors to be like a New England cottage – white shakes with green trim.

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