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Daisy; or, In Which I Run Out Of Green Wool

June 15, 2009

Here is the second sweater for Doc Swatchy to take to Botswana. Never one to do something before the deadline is breathing down my neck, Adidas and I packed up the sweaters and will send them Priority Mail tomorrow.
Daisy Baby Sweater
This is the “Daisy” pattern from Knitty, designed by the Yarn Harlot.
It is a very cute raglan pattern. Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn half way through the sleeves, and had to dip back into the stash for some gray. I tried to tie it all together with the gray chain embroidery around the neck, center fronts, and bottom. It think it came out OK – maybe even better than if it was a solid green.


Raspberry & Chocolate

June 15, 2009

This is a top-down raglan baby sweater made from stash wool.
Raspberry and Chocolate Child Sweater
When I saw these 2 colors together I thought of a raspberry dessert with chocolate sauce.
Here’s the back:
Raspberry and Chocolate Child Sweater
This is the first of 2 sweaters for Doc Swatchy to take to Botswana.
Sorry about the fuzzy pictures. Those of you who read my other blog will know why.

Thank goodness for Botswana

November 19, 2008

Right now, all I seem to be able to knit is garter stitch rectangles. Everything else seems beyond my mental capacity. Luckily for me, the kids in Botswana can use garter stitch rectangles (i.e. blankets) and there’s a new drive for Botswana items for next winter — our summer.

Here is my Rose Quartz blanket.

The yarn is some I purchased on eBay a couple of years ago. It is Bernat Adirondack (acrylic, cotton, mohair, wool, and nylon). Wool is actually better for this project, but I have 13 skeins of this sitting unused. I am not going to use it for anything for me. It is too pink for me. I don’t know what I thought “rose quartz” was going to be, but it is pink. I want to use it for a good cause, so I hope it will be an adequately warm blanket with only 28% animal fiber.

Even though it is a plain garter stitch rectangle, I still managed to add a stitch to the row count TWICE and had to rip back TWICE. Sigh.
Extra Stitch-1

The plant is our brand new camilla that the guy at the garden center ASSURED us would be hardy in New Jersey. We’ll see about that.

Botswana Blocking

May 19, 2008

I have never blocked more than one thing at a time, but last Friday was the day. I had rested up (the washing machine is in the basement) and was ready to go. No one else was home, so I took up the entire sunroom floor. I used beach towels (and realized that a blocking board would be really useful to get the blanket edges straight). Things were slow to dry on Friday, a rainy day, but the sun was out by Saturday. Between the glass slider and the sunroof, everything dried pretty quickly on Saturday. Everything is 100% wool except the orange and yellow sweater which is 70% wool and 25% acrylic.
I’ve already shown the Baby Surprises, but here are the other things:
Knittah’s blanket – she knit 2/3 of it and I finished it up.
Knittah's Botswana Blanket
It is Elann Highland wool which I’ve never used before but will again. It’s great to knit with.

A crochet blanket made from Paton’s Classic Wool from my stash:
Doc Swatchy Blanket
Here it is modeled by Spragoon (he is 5 feet tall, to give you an idea of its size):
Doc Swatchy Blanket
A Beach Beanie:
Beach Beanie
2 red hats and a pair of mittens (also Paton’s Classic Wool):
There was supposed to be a second pair of mittens, but an accident befell them — I forgot to change from the size 4’s for the ribbing to the size 7’s for the main part of the mitten – so they would have fit a crayon, but not a child! I didn’t even take a picture, they looked so silly.

Baby Surprize #2

May 19, 2008

Here it is:
It went so much better than the first one, thanks mostly to Dawn Adcock who wrote out a row-by-row description with stitch counts and other helps. Do check out this page if you are counting-impaired and want to make this sweater.

Please Vote

May 13, 2008

Help me pick which buttons to use on my new, green Baby Surprise!

Here is the sweater:


Here are my button choices. The colors aren’t coming out exactly right (taken with the flash), so I’ll try to describe them.

1) These are yellower than the picture, a lovely buttery light yellow.


2) Would these be too hard to button onto a baby or a toddler?


3) These are NOT brown – more of a peach color, a light orange:


4) Navy blue:


5) A brighter, shinier blue:


Check it out – these were originally 15 cents (for 9 buttons).

Which ones do you like best?

On Edit: the light yellow ones won in a landslide, by a 2-to-1 margin!

Baby Surprise Done

February 27, 2008

A cute little jacket. This one is going to Botswana with Doc Swatchy.

This jacket is knitted in one piece. It looks like a misshapen oddball when the knitting is finished:
but you fold it up and sew 2 seams, and viola! a jacket.


January 13, 2008

Starting my first Baby Surprise because I needed something more portable than the ol’ Tilted Duster, which is now way too big to fit into my purse.

This is the yarn, purchased at Webs (last summer’s field trip). I found it in a $2 basket on the floor – it was definitely the cream of that particular crop — Cascade Bollicine Maxi, 70% wool. I needed something bright to work on, and this is bright:
Baby Surprize Yarn
Hey, maybe I should call the sweater Tequila Sunrise Suprise, with these colors?