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Green Beaded Bag

January 27, 2009

A Turtleknits Classic – I started this in August, thanks to Tracy who took me to the bead store and helped me pick out the perfect beads.

Typically for me, I got it 90% done then got distracted by socks, blanket knitting, and Christmas present making.

It was inspired by a Librivox project to have a cadre of knitters record all the chapters in a book called “Exercises in Knitting” and then knit swatches to go with each item in the original book. (I can’t link to the audiobook because it isn’t complete yet.) Each knitter then rewrote the pattern using modern knitting terms and included it in Knitwiki.

Some more pictures. I found it hard to capture this bit of knitting photographically. The beads are very sparkly, and that doesn’t come through in the photos.


Yarn: Crystal Palace Baby Georgia, mercerized cotton, fingering weight.
Needles: US 4’s


In Love

September 18, 2008

I know, I know — I was going to be project monogamous to the Brilloso top. I was going to finish it before the fall equinox (since it is, after all, a summer top). But another project caught my eye, and now it is love.
I have wanted to knit with beads for a long time, but never found a project I wanted to make. Through Heather Ordover’s Craftlit I got sucked into Librivox, and there found a knitting-related book. It’s called Exercises in Knitting by Cornelia Mee, and I volunteered to make up one of the patterns. The pattern name is “Another Pretty Pattern for a Knitted Purse.”
I’ve had some fingering weight light green cotton in my stash for 3 years (bought to make a baby blanket, but I discovered I wasn’t up for a fingering-weight blanket). It is Crystal Palace Baby Georgia, 100% mercerized cotton.
My friend Tracy helped me pick out the perfect beads. She is to design and color what I am to napping. I hadn’t realized what a fabulous job she did until I started stringing the beads.
You can’t see it in this picture, but they are sparkley and full of greens and pinks and blues. I wanted to buy a truckload of these! (I’m settling for 2 vials at $2.75 each.)
On the next sunny day, I am going to try to get some really sparkley pictures, because looking at these crap pictures, I’m sure you are going to think that love is blind.
P.S. I am still knitting on Brilloso. Just not exclusively. 😉