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Winter Holiday Knitting FOs

January 13, 2008

FO = Finished Objects for you Muggles non-knitters.

Got all my holiday knitting done in time, except 1 scarf, which will now be a birthday present (since it’s a January birthday, it works out OK). So, here it is (drum-roll)

1) The Wool-ease 3-Seasons jacket for my mom (I finished it in November, and gave it to her then):

A really, thick, warm jacket. Quick knit on big needles. I may make another one, for me.

2) A scarf for my sweetie:
The stitch is Stamen Stitch:
The yarn is Lang Polar Tweed (85% wool). This took 4 balls.

I forgot to photograph the whole scarf before giving it away. But, it looks like this, only long and skinny 😉

3) 2 hats for Covenant House in New Orleans. This was a project Gail McHugh was working on before her death last year, so I knit these in honor of her:
10Dec 017
This is the “Banana Republic” hat pattern from Ravelry.
10Dec 006
This is my generic out-of-my-head hat pattern.

4) Son #1, Spragoon, wanted this monkey. It didn’t come out much like the picture, as it was a very difficult pattern to follow. (I should have known when there was no gauge specified, and when it said to use 2 strands of worsted-weight yarn on US #2-3 needles).
I was quite proud of myself for finishing this, since it’s made up of a lot of little pieces that are sewn together – not my knitting forte!
I used 1 strand of Lion Brand Homespun (leftover from a few years ago, I don’t remember the color name) for the body and Jaegar Matchmaker Chunky for the face, and US #7 needles.

Son #2, Adidas, wanted a very long scarf, green, blue and black:
Just garter stitch. I had the acrylic boucle yarn in my stash. The black was much thinner, so I used it as a crochet edging.

This is the first year I’ve made knitted gifts, and it was lots of fun.


Clapotis #2 done

January 3, 2008

Remember this, started last summer? It was done at the end of November, here it is:
Lovely large scarf – very comfortable and warm. Yum.
I wish I knew how to take better pictures.
Here’s the close-up:
Yarn is Brooks Farm Harmony (500 yards); knit on size 7’s. I highly recommend this yarn (it was about $40).

Something old, something new…

July 2, 2007

This is a remake of a chenille scarf I made for R. 2 years ago. R. designed it and chose the colors. I originally made it on needles way too big, and in stockinette stitch. It curled and and the yarn at the edges kept pulling out. I frogged it and am remaking it on US 9’s, in moss stitch. It’s nice and flat this time.


Clapoti #2 slowwwwwly

July 2, 2007

Here it is so far. I have been doing hats and socks, and besides, I know I won’t be wearing it for a while.


I haven’t started to drop the stitches (it’s mohair, so they don’t drop on their own).

Spring is in the Air

March 10, 2007

How do you know it’s spring? When Turtleknits finishes a winter scarf!


This is Elaine’s Scarf from Sally Melville’s The Purl Stitch. It is Brook’s Farm “Terra” (70% lambswool, 30% alpaca). It was such a luscious yarn to knit with – very soft and lovely texture. Very bulky, so it knit up fast – for me. Unfortunately, when I emailed them to try to buy more, they told me it was just an experiment 😦 and that they are not making anymore.

It will make a nice scarf for someone going on an Artic expedition. This scarf is seriously warm! Actually, I made it as a present, but it looks like I’m going to give it to them next winter, since it’s 53 degrees here today. I am going to try not to misplace it, and around next November, I know EXACTLY where it is going.

Lots of Knitting, Not Lots of Blogging

February 26, 2007

Originally written 2/2/07:

Well, I have been knitting. Just haven’t found any time for blogging.

This is my most recent cast-on:
Terra Elaine 1

It is “Elaine’s Scarf” from Sally Melville’s “The Purl Stitch” in Brook’s Farm Terra, lambswool & alpaca. It is lots of fun to knit – not difficult at all (just a simple ribbing) so it doesn’t take up too many brain cells.

It will be a present for J.

Even though it is only 14 inches long at present, it already has the dreaded “end of scarf flare-out.” I am NOT going to frog it, but I am hoping that a gentle block will help it some.

This is great yarn. I bought it at “Stitches” in November. I was going to start some other things first, but I was looking through my stash for something else and it jumped out of the plastic bag and into my arms. It’s great weather for scarf knitting – in the 20’s.