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Winter Holiday Knitting FOs

January 13, 2008

FO = Finished Objects for you Muggles non-knitters.

Got all my holiday knitting done in time, except 1 scarf, which will now be a birthday present (since it’s a January birthday, it works out OK). So, here it is (drum-roll)

1) The Wool-ease 3-Seasons jacket for my mom (I finished it in November, and gave it to her then):

A really, thick, warm jacket. Quick knit on big needles. I may make another one, for me.

2) A scarf for my sweetie:
The stitch is Stamen Stitch:
The yarn is Lang Polar Tweed (85% wool). This took 4 balls.

I forgot to photograph the whole scarf before giving it away. But, it looks like this, only long and skinny 😉

3) 2 hats for Covenant House in New Orleans. This was a project Gail McHugh was working on before her death last year, so I knit these in honor of her:
10Dec 017
This is the “Banana Republic” hat pattern from Ravelry.
10Dec 006
This is my generic out-of-my-head hat pattern.

4) Son #1, Spragoon, wanted this monkey. It didn’t come out much like the picture, as it was a very difficult pattern to follow. (I should have known when there was no gauge specified, and when it said to use 2 strands of worsted-weight yarn on US #2-3 needles).
I was quite proud of myself for finishing this, since it’s made up of a lot of little pieces that are sewn together – not my knitting forte!
I used 1 strand of Lion Brand Homespun (leftover from a few years ago, I don’t remember the color name) for the body and Jaegar Matchmaker Chunky for the face, and US #7 needles.

Son #2, Adidas, wanted a very long scarf, green, blue and black:
Just garter stitch. I had the acrylic boucle yarn in my stash. The black was much thinner, so I used it as a crochet edging.

This is the first year I’ve made knitted gifts, and it was lots of fun.