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Baby Surprize #2

May 19, 2008

Here it is:
It went so much better than the first one, thanks mostly to Dawn Adcock who wrote out a row-by-row description with stitch counts and other helps. Do check out this page if you are counting-impaired and want to make this sweater.


Please Vote

May 13, 2008

Help me pick which buttons to use on my new, green Baby Surprise!

Here is the sweater:


Here are my button choices. The colors aren’t coming out exactly right (taken with the flash), so I’ll try to describe them.

1) These are yellower than the picture, a lovely buttery light yellow.


2) Would these be too hard to button onto a baby or a toddler?


3) These are NOT brown – more of a peach color, a light orange:


4) Navy blue:


5) A brighter, shinier blue:


Check it out – these were originally 15 cents (for 9 buttons).

Which ones do you like best?

On Edit: the light yellow ones won in a landslide, by a 2-to-1 margin!

Baby Surprise Done

February 27, 2008

A cute little jacket. This one is going to Botswana with Doc Swatchy.

This jacket is knitted in one piece. It looks like a misshapen oddball when the knitting is finished:
but you fold it up and sew 2 seams, and viola! a jacket.


January 13, 2008

Starting my first Baby Surprise because I needed something more portable than the ol’ Tilted Duster, which is now way too big to fit into my purse.

This is the yarn, purchased at Webs (last summer’s field trip). I found it in a $2 basket on the floor – it was definitely the cream of that particular crop — Cascade Bollicine Maxi, 70% wool. I needed something bright to work on, and this is bright:
Baby Surprize Yarn
Hey, maybe I should call the sweater Tequila Sunrise Suprise, with these colors?